Young man hits question about Ethereum, Dash and Monero and earns R$ 150,000 at the Caldeirão do Huck

The question about cryptomorphs was worth R$ 100,000 in the painting ‚Quem Quer Ser um Milionário‘.

Young man asks about Ethereum, Dash and Monero and earns R$ 150,000 in the Cauldron of HuckNOTÍCIAS

The presenter Luciano Huck surprised the audience of Huck’s cauldron show last Saturday (19) by asking a question about cryptomorphs in the board ‚Who wants to be a Millionaire‘.

Worth R$ 100,000, the question about the cryptomoedas market offered four options to the participant, and asked which of the alternatives did not represent real names of cryptomoedas that exist in the market.

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Thus, Altcoins Ethereum, Dash Bitcoin Union and Monero were cited in the question, and the 22-year-old participant Guilherme Albuquerque managed to get the question right just after using a resource that eliminated two right answers.

Luciano Huck talks about cryptomoedas
Cryptomorphs were addressed in the eleventh question on the board ‚Who wants to be a Millionaire‘ of Luciano Huck’s programme this Saturday (19).

After hitting ten questions during the program, the race to reach R$ 1 million by participant Guilherme Albuquerque reached the mark of R$ 100 thousand. At that moment, the question about cryptomoedas was announced by Luciano Huck.

„Which of these options is not the name of a cryptomoeda? Option A, Naira, option B Ethereum, option C, Monero and option D, Dash“.

Student won R$ 150 thousand
The participant Guilherme Albuquerque showed some concern when he saw that the question about cryptomoedas in the board ‚Who wants to be a Millionaire‘ would be worth R$ 100 thousand.

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After Luciano Huck read the options offered, the medical student tried to correct, by assimilation, the incorrect alternative to the name of a cryptomeda. Not knowing the right answer to the question, he said that Monero should not be the option chosen.

In addition, the participant was in doubt about Ethereum and showed a certain familiarity with the term Dash, which actually represents the name of a cryptomeda in the market.

„Monero reminds me a little of the monetary (term), a cryptomime part, I don’t know. Naira I have no idea. Dash, ‚it’s no stranger to me‘. And Ethereum, Ethereum? Luciano, I’m going to ask for help.“

„Doubt between Naira and Ethereum.“
Before answering the question, student Guilherme Albuquerque said he would need help with the question about the names of cryptomorphs. He said he was in doubt between the names Naira and Ethereum.

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Thus, for the Millionaire Millionaire participant, Dash had already been identified as a cryptomede. In addition, Monero was also eliminated by him while he was speaking about the question.

„Dash, I think it is. I don’t know why, it’s not strange to me the word Dash. That’s the problem. Ethereum, I don’t know. I’m (sic) in doubt between Naira and Ethereum.“

Participant hit question about cryptomorphs (Huck’s Reproduction/Caldeon)

Finally, with the help that the participant requested, two correct answers were erased, which facilitated the response of the participant which was worth R$ 100,000. With the two alternatives out of the game, only Naira and Dash remained for him to choose.

By choosing Naira, not Dash, Guilherme got the question right and went on to the other question, which was worth R$ 150,000. Using another resource, the student also got the question right, but decided to finish Luciano Huck’s program with the prize he won, giving up answering the question that was worth R$ 300 thousand.