Bitcoin, A Battery of Value Part 2

Bitcoin currently represents an alternative to the use of energies such as

Non-consumed energies
Energy from generating sources that produce a surplus to their demand or generating sources that cannot take advantage of a maximum delivery capacity already installed and that are underutilized due to lack of infrastructure for the distribution of said surplus or due to asynchronism between the availability of energy and its demand.

A case study is renewable Bitcoin Formula energies, those energies that are obtained from virtually inexhaustible natural sources, either because of the immense amount of energy they contain, or because they are capable of being regenerated by natural means.

Renewable energies include wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, solar, wave, biomass and biofuels.

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Wind Energy
Wind energy is the energy obtained from the wind or, in other words, it is the use of the kinetic energy of the air masses that can be converted into mechanical energy and from it into electricity or other useful forms of energy in daily human activities.

Wind energy is not something new, it is one of the oldest energies together with thermal energy. The wind as a driving force has been used since ancient times. The wind has moved ships by using sails or has made the machinery of the mills work by moving their blades. However, after a time when it was abandoned, from the eighties of the twentieth century this type of clean energy experienced a renaissance.

Winds are generated by the non-uniform heating of the earth’s surface due to solar radiation; between 1 and 2% of the energy coming from the Sun is converted into wind. During the day, the continents transfer more solar energy to the air than the water masses, causing the air to heat and expand, thus becoming less dense and rising. The colder, heavier air from the seas, oceans, and large lakes is set in motion to take the place left by the warm air.

In order to take advantage of wind energy, it is important to know the diurnal, nocturnal and seasonal variations of the winds, the variation of the wind speed with the height above the ground, the entity of the gusts in short periods of time, and the maximum values that occur in historical series of data with a minimum duration of 20 years.

Wind energy is fairly stable and predictable on an annual scale, although it varies significantly on smaller time scales. As the proportion of wind energy produced in a given region or country increases, it becomes essential to establish a series of improvements in the local electricity network. Various energy control techniques, such as increased energy storage capacity, a wide geographical distribution of wind turbines, the availability of backup energy sources, the possibility of exporting or importing energy to neighboring regions, or the reduction of demand when wind production is lower, can help greatly mitigate these problems. In addition, wind production forecasts are extremely important, allowing electricity grid managers to be prepared and anticipate the foreseeable variations in wind production that may occur in the short term.

The installation of wind energy requires a considerable initial investment, but later on it does not present fuel costs. The price of wind energy is therefore much more stable than the prices of other fossil energy sources, which are much more volatile. The marginal cost of wind energy, once the plant has been built and is running, is generally less than 1 cent per kWh.

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